Illinois county OKs instant warrants for suspected DUI drivers small police departments in an Illinois county will be within legal authority beginning Sunday to seek an electronic warrant and immediately obtain blood from DUI suspects who have refused breath tests, The Chicago Tribune reported.

If a warrant is …

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New DUI policy: Refuse breath test in McHenry County, cop will seek instant warrant for blood test Illinois law, by driving a motor vehicle …

To get driving privileges back with such a suspension than with a license that’s revoked for a DUI conviction.

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Luciano: Peoria cop’s DUI case is over, but questions linger trial, even a small-town drunk could beat a DUI charge after blowing just .019. Not guilty.

All that said, this case is still unsettling in ways, mostly on the end of the Illinois State Police, which made the traffic stop in the 600 block of West Main …

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Illinois County Will Force Blood Test on Drivers Who Refuse Breathalyzer argue the practice will be useful in cracking down on repeat offenders, who have learned to avoid stiff DUI penalties by refusing a breathalyzer.

Under Illinois law, individuals give “implied consent” to undergo a Breathalyzer test when …

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Mother of 11 tried to put kerosene in gas tank before seventh DUI arrest seventh DUI arrest could have been an especially combustible one.

Police in Riverside, Illinois, arrested a Minnesota woman the village’s police chief called “one of the worst DUI offenders in the United States” in a press release Monday night.

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